Small Teleties are more popular for loose/daily wear as well as thinner to medium thick hair. Since the material is flexible, yet holds well, these hair ties are ready to take on the thickest, thinnest, and curliest of hair!

TELETIES are amazing strong-grip, no-rip hair ties that will transform your hair in more ways than one. Made with an eco-friendly, TPU material that’s both antibacterial and waterproof these versatile, functional, and stylish these hair ties get the job done! TELETIES are designed to be versatile, stretching over your wrist, ponytails, and hair buns. Over time, you will see a slight loss of elasticity, which is a small side effect of our “no-rip” material. But don't fret...TELETIES are completely shrinkable if they do ever stretch out! Simply place them out in the sun or in a dish filled with hot water. The heat will cause the material in your TELETIES to shrink back to its original size. Please note** if your TELETIE is twisted, it will not go back to shape if you place in water, please make sure it is the correct shape before placing in hot water. The small size is 4.5cm wide x 0.5cm tall.


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